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Trusted With Tomorrow

As DFW grows and competition for natural resources increases, our future success depends on strengthening and preserving today's assets - our people, our airport and our community - for tomorrow. DFW Airport embraces sustainability as a way to protect our environment, support our neighbors and develop our business. We are taking the steps today to ensure tomorrow's success.

Little Changes, Big Results

By practicing sustainability, DFW positions itself as an industry leader and a model corporate citizen. As a result, DFW aligns all sustainability practices together under one umbrella to further our efforts and to guide our future decisions.

ESG Report

The First Carbon Neutral Airport in the Americas

When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, DFW International Airport is taking a balanced approach.

By switching to renewable energy and implementing programs to use less of it, we have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint – and our energy costs. Beneficial results like these make smart business sense too.

Far from finished with our decade-long efforts, we continue to seek out new ways to lessen our impact on the environment each year and set new industry standards.

Accountability and Transparency

DFW is committed to engaging our stakeholders on sustainability issues relevant to our Airport, People, and Community in a manner that is honest, transparent, and productive. In an effort to better communicate our strategies, successes, and challenges in becoming a more sustainable enterprise, we have produced the following annual report. Our report is prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. GRI, a non-profit organization, has pioneered and developed a comprehensive Sustainability Reporting Framework that enables all organizations to measure and report their economic, environmental, social and governance performance. This report serves as an important milestone in our continued journey down the path of sustainability.

Sustainability Responsibility Partners
  • Water Sense

DFW takes its responsibility to the planet seriously. DFW maintains robust programs to foster the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy and the prevention of pollution.

  • Air North Texas

DFW partners with the regional clean air partnership and campaign, Air North Texas, to collaborate to improve air quality, spread public awareness, and motivate the region to make clean air choices.

  • Take Care of Texas

As proud Texans, DFW partners with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to Take Care of Texas by pledging to reduce emissions, conserve energy, use water wisely and recycle.

  • The Good Traveler

DFW has been a member of The Good Traveler program since 2017. This program allows passengers to reduce the impact of their flight by purchasing carbon offsets. Click here to estimate your flight’s carbon impact and purchase carbon offsets.


DFW’s Environmental Commitment DFW is committed to instituting a more holistic and systematic culture promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility by operating our airport in a manner which demonstrates performance by exceeding regulatory compliance by integrating and balancing environmental standards and considerations into decision making, operations and organizational culture. DFW Airport will improve procedures to prevent and mitigate environmental emergencies and focus on education and collaboration to ensure compliance and to improve performance. Driven by the belief that actions taken today will impact the quality of life for future generations, environmental impacts will be continuously evaluated, using a life cycle assessment process. A copy of DFW’s complete Environmental Commitment may be accessed through the following link.

Sustainability Growing responsibly is a business imperative, and the implementation of sustainability practices demonstrates our commitment to our community and the environment. DFW’s philosophy and approach is based on the United Nation’s (UN) concept of sustainable development, defined as “development that meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” To achieve sustainable development for our airport, the region, our nation, and the world, we must adopt a holistic systems approach to how we do business. DFW’s approach considers economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource conservation, and social responsibility (EONS). The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the blueprint we use to identify challenges, define solutions, and measure results.

DFW’s Sustainability Management Plan outlines the airport’s roadmap to advancing its sustainability efforts, and our annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report showcases DFW’s most recent achievements.

Environmental Management System (EMS) DFW’s goal is to continue to lead the air transportation industry by establishing and implementing programs that involve innovative environmental planning and proactive environmental leadership in order to reduce DFW’s environmental footprint. The Environmental Management System (EMS) provides the framework which will be used to make environmentally responsible decisions and manage critical environmental aspects in order to minimize the impact of activities. The DFW EMS not only includes a commitment to the laws, regulations, and policies concerning environmental issues, our EMS also recognizes that the airport has grown and matured beyond compliance and has transitioned priorities to social responsibility and environmental performance. DFW’s EMS places an intentional focus on measuring the Airport’s performance in areas such as natural resource conservation, proactive and strategic environmental management, energy conservation, and protection of human health.

Contact Environmental Affairs

The DFW Environmental Affairs department welcomes your comments, questions and concerns. For DFW Sustainability specific inquiries, please email us at sustainability@sywhdq.com.

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